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If you’re looking for a reliable and cost-effective HR outsourcing solution, look no further than Hopestone business solution consultants Limited. We offer a comprehensive range of HR services that are designed to streamline your operations and improve your bottom line. From payroll and benefits administration to talent acquisition and employee relations, we have the expertise and experience to handle all of your HR needs. And because we’re a fully accredited and licensed consultancy, you can rest assured that our services are compliant with all relevant laws and regulations. 

we provide all HR functions on a RETAINERSHIP BASIS and attend to all employee engagement issues. This service leaves you to deal with the CORE aspects of your business and you leave us to do what we know best – Managing People.

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Between recruiting and retaining employees to payroll to tracking vacation time, there are many functions when it comes to human resources management. But you didn’t start your business to become an HR expert. That’s why it’s time to turn to a full-service HR partner like Hopestone Business Solution Consultants Ltd to help you do what you do best. 

To put it simply, HR outsourcing companies allow you to spend more time focusing on growing your business, and less time on human resource management.  

Outsourcing your HR responsibilities to an HR outsourcing company like GMS can help your business:


Why Us?


We focus on the details.


We protect you from non-compliance issues.


You keep your focus on increasing revenue.


You keep full control over your employees.


Outsourcing HR with Hopestone Business Solution Consultants Ltd means a more comprehensive benefits plan, helpful training, efficient claims processing, and more.

HR outsourcing includes tasks or processes that are contracted out, third-party sponsored, or implemented through a shared service center for the benefit of one or more companies.

Companies may have various reasons for offloading HR functions to an outside provider.

There are many benefits to this practice of outsourced HR services as well.

Here are some of the most significant benefits:

-It can be costly when done wrong but in the end it is really worth it because you get a more efficient process with more seamless integration and less risks associated with human error.

-You get access to skilled professionals who have experience in HR that you don’t necessarily possess which reduces liability, saves time and money in training costs, and improves productivity.

-You can save time and money in recruiting costs by employing a company with extensive industry knowledge and experience.

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