Consulting can turn a novice into a professional shooter, a dilettante into a professional, and an amateur into a pro.

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Hopestone business solution consultants Ltd has a team of professionals who are experts in the area of Staffing Services. This is provided to our clients to help them obtain the optimal human resources that they need for their business. With years of experience in this field, our team is uniquely skilled in visa processing, executive search, staffing solutions, and localized tourism. This gives us the benefit of being able to offer our clients the best possible strategic approach for their specific needs. When you talk to our dedicated team, we listen and care about your needs. We offer suggestions and work with you to create the best possible solution for your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business!


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Meet The C.E.O – Dr. Hashim Omar


“Consulting can turn a novice into a professional shooter, a dilettante into a professional, and an amateur into a pro.”

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Why Choose Us?

Our Competitive Edge

We acknowledge that not all institutions or projects are the same; therefore, we are flexible in my approach & methodology. This is to enable us provide quality professional service that will meet your objectives and budget. We consider this as best fit potential.

Our Team & Infrastructure.

We are equipped with powerful integrated  technologies and have a team of seasoned expert consultants. With the latest facilities in the areas of communication, frequent transport etc., leading to expedition of the entire process. And significant management experience.

Monitoring and Evaluation

We consult and liaise regularly with our clients to keep them informed of progress against an agreed work plan.

Our Work

We proactively tap the market
for excellent candidates. Once
the candidates have been
identified, we conduct in-depth
interviews with each individual,
and obtain detailed information

Office Network

Our wide spread network enables us reach out to the widest audience, meeting all
the consultancy needs of any organization.

Meet The Team

Dr. Hashim Omar C.E.O and Director

Dr. Hashim Omar is the C.E.O and Director of Hopestone Business Solution Consultants Limited

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Mr. Sajid Hussain Immigration Lawyer

Mr. Sajid Hussain is the immigration lawyer of Hopestone Business Solution Consultants Ltd.

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Mr. Boneventure Ssimbwa Secretary

Mr. Boneventure Ssimbwa is the Secretary of Hopestone Business Solution Consultants Limited

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